1″ Slide Lock Bra Strap Adjusters


Keeping regular sliders and rings in place on a bra strap without sliding down, has always been a problem for heavier busted ladies. Our exclusive Slide Lock Bra Strap Adjusters will hold firmly and never let you down, literally! The hinged part of the adjuster has small (blunted) teeth, that securely grip strap tape or fabric straps. The loose end of the strap when fed through the slot, is hidden inside the cup. The loose end is still accessible from the front. The need for sliders and rings can be eliminated altogether.

Sold by the pair (enough for one bra). Available in Off-White only.

Bra-makers Tip – for complete instructions on how to use the Slide Lock Bra Strap Adjusters, please see the Bra-makers Manual Volume 2. You will see pictures of how easy they are to use in your bra construction. You can also read Beverly Johnson’s blog post entitled Slide Lock Adjusters.

How to Use:

The Slide Lock Bra Strap Adjusters are very simple to use and more importantly, eliminates the need for rings and sliders that slide down and allow your straps to loosen. To install, insert the strap tape or strap elastic through the slot in the back and through the slot with the blunt teeth. Then the tape will pass through the front slot and will hide inside your bra cup. The tail end of the tape is there if you need to let your strap down and always accessible if you need to hoist the girls up a bit!