Freedom Corset Pattern


This well-fitting corset with an underbust variation is so-named because of the amount of design freedom you have when constructing it. Not only can you use a traditional busk (giant loops and studs) for the front closing, but you could use a separating zipper (think crystal!) or no opening at all. The lace-up back can use pre-made grommet tapeÌ_or you can set your own grommets. You could even use a long row of hook and eye tape. Fabrics can vary from exquisite Chinese brocades to power net - the choice is yours.

Most women today use a corset as fashion wear, not underwear - you will find them surprisingly comfortable. You-ll find infinite design opportunities with this one pattern. Bust sizes 28-50 included in one envelope.

Pattern is now bi-lingual English and're welcome!