Tailor Made Print Scuba Knit Fabric Autumnal Florals



This print is a Tailor Made Shop original! The floral motifs are hand painted, digitised and digitally printed on a luscious medium weight scuba knit fabric.

Scuba Print fabric is a lofty double knit fabric of finely spun polyester fibers that create a super smooth hand, low luster sheen and a full-bodied drape. With 30% stretch across the grain and 10% vertical stretch, this unique knit is perfect for creating bra cups, bralettes, underwear, two-piece swimwear, knit dresses,  knit apparel,  skirts, pants, un-structured jackets and heavier tops. It’s not just for underwear!

Scuba knit is created using a very fine gauge knitting machine and smooth thread. It also has a slightly spongy quality, similar to what you might see in a fabric for wetsuits, but it’s much thinner and more malleable.  It has a lot of body, and drapes well.

Colours Available:

Autumnal Florals is a warm red-pink floral motif on a lilac or black striped background


The Scuba Print fabric can be used for bra cups for small to medium cups without any lining, and for large cups with a lining such as sheer cup lining behind it. It makes some wonderful and colourful bralettes and panty sets. Our customers use this fabric for tankinis, two-piece suits, bikinis; virtually any type of two piece swimwear you can think of. We do not recommend it for one piece suits as there is no stretch in the lengthwise direction. Scuba can also be used for lightweight tops, dresses and unstructured jackets.


Sold by: 25cm cut
Width: 147cm (58″)
Stretch: stretch in crosswise direction
Finish: matte
Content: polyester/spandex
Uses: Tankinis, two-piece suits, bikinis, bras, bralettes, camisoles, lightweight tops, dresses or even unstructured jackets

**Please note: this product is priced and cut per 25cm**