B.Wear Jessica Full Band Bra Pattern


Direct from B.Wear in Sweden, Jessica is the sister pattern to Angie: a beautiful and carefully designed functional bra! Jessica features one vertical seam at the centre of each cup.

Jessica includes the features we all look for in a bra:

  • a well formed round cup
  • narrow band to prevent the elastic rolling
  • angled hook & eye for better support and fit

This pattern is only be available in paper form and has around 20 sizes per pattern pack. Instructions are available in English and Swedish.

All measurements are in centimetres. Please refer to the chart below to help you select your correct pattern size.

Materials Required

See directions above


How to determine your size

If your underbust (A) measures: Use band size: measuring.jpg
67.5cm - 72.5cm 70
72.5cm - 77.4cm 75
77.5cm - 82.4cm 80
82.5cm - 87.4 cm 85
87.5cm - 92.4cm 90
92.5cm - 97.4cm 95
97.5cm - 102.4cm 100
102.5cm - 107.4cm 105


If the difference between B (full bust) and A (underbust) is: Use cup size:
10cm - 12.5cm A
12.5cm - 15cm B
15cm - 17.5cm C
17.5cm - 20cm D
20cm - 22.5cm E
22.5cm - 25cm F
25cm - 27.5cm G
27.5cm - 30cm H
30cm - 32.5cm I

Please note:
This pattern is for personal use only, and may not be reproduced, shared or transmitted in any form, including using it to manufacture your own products.