Bamboo Knit Stretch Rayon Fabric


This luxurious Bamboo Knit Stretch Rayon Fabric with Spandex drapes so nicely.  So well in fact, it feels almost liquid in your hands! Because it is derived from a natural plant source, it is officially called rayon. However, it features the properties of any natural fibre – it is warm in winter and cool in summer, to help regulate your body temperature.

The Bamboo Knit works well as a cover for foam cups or as a pocket for the prosthesis. Customers use this ultra-soft fabric for panties, bralettes, camisoles, tank tops, t-shirts, and men’s underwear. This fabric is lightweight and naturally anti-bacterial. Once you try it, it will become a staple in your stash!

95% rayon derived from Bamboo and 5% spandex with very good stretch in both directions. 58-60 inches wide (145-150 cm) This fabric WILL shrink so please pre-wash it. Some people claim that a Bamboo Knit is difficult to work with. Not so…IF you spray it with spray starch before you cut. Simply spray the un-cut fabric and give it a press. The fabric will not curl and you will be able to sew it quite easily.

Colours Available:

This Stretch Rayon Fabric is available in an amazing selection of 14 beautiful colours: White, Cameo Rose, Coral, Dark Coral, Pink, Deep Pink, Fuchsia, Red, Black Cherry, Wedgewood, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Gray w/ Polka-Dots, and Chocolate.


The Bamboo Knit is an ultra-soft stretch fabric, great for making any garment that sits against the skin. Our customers use this fabric to make comfy panties, camisoles, bras (this fabric works wonderfully over foam cups), bralettes, tank tops, t-shirts, and men’s underwear. The man in your life will never go back to store-bought after wearing a pair of Bamboo Knit underwear! See our Mens Underwear PatternBra PatternsBralette Pattern Collection, and Panty Pattern to make these items from this wonderful fabric.

*Please note – this fabric does shrink. We recommend always pre-washing the Bamboo knit before cutting. Simply wash in warm water and tumble dry on low.


Sold by: 50cm increments
Width: 58-60″
Stretch: very stretchy in both directions
Finish: matte
Content: 95% rayon derived from bamboo/5% Spandex
Uses: women’s panties, children’s panties, men’s underwear, bralettes, camisoles, tank tops, t-shirts.