Bra Makers Supply Ingrid Non-Wired Findings Kit


Our Ingrid Non-wired Findings Kit offers an easy solution to purchasing all of the findings you need to make 1 bra based off of our new Ingrid Non-wired Bra Pattern, conveniently cut and packaged – without the guesswork. The Kit is perfect for the first-time bra-maker or for bra-making teachers. This kit includes the findings only, fabrics must be purchased separately.

To purchase a matching fabric pack, please see our Trio Bra Fabrics Pack. This pack includes the fabrics and a matching lace to make a fabric and lace bra.

The Kit is available in 2 sizes, small and large. The small kit is used for smaller Ingrid Non-wired bra sizes, whereas the large kit is used for larger Ingrid Non-wired bra sizes. The differences between the two kits include the widths of the strap elastics, as well as the width of the Hook and Eye closure for the back. The small kit includes elastics, sliders and rings, and a Hook and Eye Closure in a smaller width – appropriate for smaller sizes. The large kit includes wider elastics, wider sliders and rings, and a wider Hook and Eye Closure – to ensure proper support for larger sizes.

Front closure options like the Single Row Hook and Eye Tape  and Zippers are sold separately.

Plush Waistband Elastic is also sold separately.

Materials in the kit include Cut and Sew Foam padding for straps, Strap Elastic, Stabilizer Tape, Fold-over Elastic, Top and Bottom Band Elastic, Strap Adjusters, and a Hook and Eye Closure for the back. 

Colours Available:

The Ingrid non-wired Bra Findings Kit is currently available in White, Ivory and Black. Stay tuned for stock in the rest of our 15 beautiful standard colours.

Materials Included:

Every Bra Findings Kit includes the necessary findings to make one bra. Fabric must be purchased separately. The Kit includes:

  • Fold-Over Elastic
  • Band Elastic
  • Strap Elastic
  • Sliders and Rings for adjustable straps
  • Hook and Eye Closure for the back
  • Stabilizer Tape
  • Twill Tape
  • Cut and Sew Foam Padding for straps

The Pattern and Fabrics are not included in the Ingrid Findings Kit.


The sizing for the Ingrid non-wired bra pattern is a bit different from other bra patterns, in that we use the Bottom Cup Depth (BCD) to determine the size of the cup. This is the measurement from the wire line at the base of the cup up to the location of the apex. It is much more accurate than relying on Ready-to-wear bra sizing, which can differ from country to country.  The BCD method of sizing bra patterns removes the doubt involved in traditional sizing, where the size names differ between manufacturers and so-called “sister sizing” doesn’t work between different pattern makers. In our system, if the BCD size you try is too small, you move up to the next one. It’s that simple! Designer Beverly Johnson written a blog post about it here. Determine your BCD by measuring your best fitting bra between the bust point and the wire line directly below it. All BCD sizes from 2.75 to 9.0 are included in the pattern. Combine this cup depth with 1 of 11 band sizes from 26″ (65 cm) through 46″ (115 cm), making the Ingrid Bra Pattern size range equivalent to well over 200 unique bra sizes, including the sizes in-between that are normally not available.


*Please Note – The pattern and the fabric are NOT included in the Ingrid Bra Findings Kit. All kits include matching findings and hardware.