Designer Bras by You CD


The Designer Bras by you CD covers the necessary steps to move you to the next level in your bra-making. Once you have the basic bra down pat, you will want to move onto creating a designer look.  The Designer Bras by you CD covers which fabrics to use and how to properly mirror laces. You will be able to make bras such as Shelley and Sharon as well as bras that use foam cups such as the Amanda, Alison (coming soon), and Wendy.

This convenient presentation allows you to stop at each page and study the particular construction step. Move to the next page only when you are ready.

What you will learn with this CD:

The Designer Bras by you CD is ideal for the hearing impaired sewist, as the CD includes not only pictures, but text. There is no music or voice over. It is well to note that this is a CD, not a DVD and therefore cannot be played on a DVD player. It is a Power Point Presentation of how to change your well fitting basic bra into a Designer original.

Once you have sewn your first well-fitting bra, it is time to kick your bra-making skills up a notch. The CD lesson starts by teaching you more about appropriate fabrics and laces. There are a few tricks about laces you need to know, especially about mirroring or balancing lace edgings. You will definitely want to pay attention to this part!

Now it is time to get into the specifics of the Designer originals. Learn to make designer bras such as the Shelley with lace and a side power bar, the Sharon, our front closing demi-bra, or the very popular Amanda, our seamless foam cup bra (the first pattern of its kind in the world!). The Designer Bras by You CD even covers inserting foam cups into the Alison sport bra and the Wendy bra in a tank top, allowing you to follow along as you make these garments.

Also included in the Designer Bras by you CD is a gallery of bras that students have made. You will love viewing bras sewn by others and know that you will be able to do it too, with the Fairy Bra Mother by your side.