Duoplex Reversible Low Stretch Bra Cup Fabric is by far the best fabric we carry for support, without the need to line the cups! Yes, it’s true – there is no need to line cups made from Duoplex. The fabric is strong and supportive and is a reversible fabric (shiny finish on one side – matte finish on the other). You choose which side to use, according to the look you desire. Duoplex fabric is available in over 2 dozen great colours, it is a low-stretch stable knit made from 100% polyester, and it is the fabric included in our bra kits.

Duoplex is 58-60″ (147-150 cm) wide with very little mechanical give (5-10%) in the lengthwise direction.


Our Duoplex fabric is conveniently dyed according to the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors colour chart. Each of our fabric colours is shown with the corresponding Pantone colour code. If you have the Pantone chart, you may check our colours against it for an accurate colour depiction. The fabric is also dyed to match many of our other fabrics and supplies.

Colours Available:

Currently available in black, platinum, white, ivory, peach, pink, yellow, orange, red, fuchsia, purple, lilac, turquoise, teal and navy blue, but more colours are arriving all the time. Drop me an email if you would like us to get specific colours in!


Sold by: 25cm increments
Width: 58″-60″ (147-150 cm)
Stretch: very little mechanical give, 5%-10% in lengthwise direction
Finish: reversible – shiny face, matte back
Content: 100% polyester
Uses: bra cups

*Please note – colours can vary slightly between different products and materials. Different materials absorb dye differently, which can cause slight colour variations. The dye saturation can also affect the hand of the individual colours. Sold and priced by in 25cm increments.