Loop-A-Licious Bra Neckline Elastic Trim


Our Loop-A-Licious Bra Neckline Elastic Trim adds a lovely feminine touch to anything that requires an elastic trim detail. This trim is primarily used for the necklines of bras, but looks great on camisoles, lingerie, costumes, etc. The Loop-A-Licious Bra Neckline Elastic Trim also matches nicely with virtually any fabric.


Our Loop-A-Licious Elastic is available in 6 colours, which are dyed according to the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors colour chart. We show each of our Elastic colours with its corresponding Pantone colour code. If you have a Pantone colour chart, you can check the colour number to see an accurate colour depiction. We have dyed the Bra Neckline Elastic Trim to match many of our other fabrics and supplies.

How To Use:

The Loop-A-Licious Elastic features a stretchy elastic strip, with a small decorative cord made into loops running the length of the trim. This trim is sewn in two ways – into a seam,  or as facing elastic. To sew it as a facing, place the elastic on the right side of the fabric’s raw edge. The loopy part faces in to the main part of the fabric. Stitch using a zig-zag at the line between the plan and the fancy part of the elastic. Turn the elastic to the inside and stitch a second time. This time, sew on the un-sewn edge. Now the “loopy” decorative edge is in the correct place on the right side of the garment.


Sold by: the metre
Stretch: stretchy
Finish: shiny
Uses: bras, bralettes, panties, garter belts, camisoles, lingerie, costumes, anywhere a stretch trim is necessary or desired

*Please note – colours can vary slightly between different products and materials. Different materials absorb dye differently, which can cause slight colour variations. The dye saturation can also affect the hand of the individual colours.