Metal Slider Hooks

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Are your straps always falling off your shoulders? Want to wear racer back tank tops but without your bra straps showing? We have all seen celebrities with straps showing under otherwise beautiful cut away backs (why do they always seem to wear black bras under white tops?)  Why don’t they tame those straps with our Metal Slider Hooks!

Our nylon powder-coated Metal Slider Hooks are available by the set, which includes 2 regular rings, 1 slider with eye, and 1 slider with hook – which is enough for one bra.

How to Use:

The set includes one slider hook and one slider eye. Assemble your strap as usual. These two parts simply thread onto a strap elastic and hook onto one another, keeping your straps pulled together in the back. The advantage to this style is that they can be moved along the strap to pull the straps at the desired level. The Sliders are ¾” (18 mm) wide and are used with any of our ¾” (18 mm) strap elastics. Available in White and Black.

Our customers tell us stories about their experiences with straps falling down. Some stories are funny, but others are not. Slipping straps are not only embarrassing, but potentially hazardous. Jobs that require interaction with the public on an personal level such as a doctor, dentist, hygienist, therapist, tattoo artist, or the like, cannot have a strap fall down in the middle of a treatment or appointment. Not only is it embarrassing, it could trigger an involuntary movement to re-position your strap which could be hazardous to yourself or your client.

Colours Available:

The metal slider hooks are available in both White and Black. They are powder coated with a high quality, chip resistant coating


Sold by: 1 slider hook and 1 slider eye (enough for 2 straps)
Width: ¾” (18 mm)
Finish: matte
Content: metal, nylon powder coated
Uses: bra straps, racer backs