Swimwear Lining


It is often difficult to find a lightweight, breathable, quick drying fabric, that will not run while you are sewing it. We have found such a fabric! Our nylon Swimwear Lining Fabric is perfect for making all types of swimwear, including full swimsuits, bikinis, and tankinis. Swimwear should, at the very least, always be lined at the front to prevent show-through. However, we recommend always fully lining a swimsuit, as the lining extends the life of the suit.

The Swimwear Lining Fabric is made from 100% Nylon.  58-60 inches (145-150 cm) wide, with lots of mechanical give in both the lengthwise and crosswise directions. The beige colour is more of a peachy beige, rather than a brown beige.

Colours Available:

The Swimwear Lining Fabric is available in 3 colours, White, Beige (peachy beige), and Black. Choose the lining colour that best co-ordinates with your outer swimsuit fabric. The lining can also be co-ordinate with the foam used for the internal bra cups.


The Swimwear Lining Fabric is a good quality, all-purpose swimwear lining. Use the lining in your full swimsuit, bikini, or tankini. We recommend always lining the full suit, as it prevents your skin from showing through when wet and it extends the life of your suit. At the very least, be sure to line the front of your suit. Choose from White, Beige, or Black, to correspond with your outer fabric colour.

Make it easy, buy a kit!

For your convenience, we also carry Swimwear Kits. The “Essentials” kit includes the lining, elastic, and all necessary materials to make a suit with an internal bra. The kits include a generous amount of materials, enough to make our largest sized swimsuit. Need a pattern? We also carry a great range of Swimwear Patterns.


Sold by: half metre increments
Width: 58-60″
Stretch: good mechanical stretch in both the crosswise and lengthwise directions
Finish: matte
Content: 100% nylon
Uses: lining for all types of swimwear


**Please note: this product is cut and sold in half metre increments