The Bra-makers Manual (Vol.1) on CD


This book (on CD) has everything you have wanted to know about making bras, but didn't know where to look. This is the original and first book of its kind written as a textbook for the custom bra-maker, but those home sewers who are up for a bit of a challenge will find this book a complete reference on bra design, draft, fit and construction. Even if you never sew a bra for anyone else, you will thoroughly enjoy making your own well-fitting and supportive bras. Author Beverly Johnson explains how to obtain the pattern for your bra, and there are many sources, and how to change that one basic pattern into a library of bra styles and designs. You will learn to fit like a pro, how to choose and control fabric, and how to duplicate all of the professional techniques you see in ready to wear, including strapless, nursing and mastectomy bras.

240 pages, 4 in colour. The CD has a search function built in - it's like an electronic index! The complete Bra-makers Manual is contained on this one CD. Read it at your computer and print out any pages you need to complete your project. Each CD has a password inside the cover for your access.