Our Tulle is lightweight, almost invisible under fabrics, yet strong and offers great support. This fabric used for lining bra cups under delicate fabrics or laces. Customers use this fabric as a stabiliser under other lingerie, wherever a sheer reinforcement is necessary. Useful for power bars as well. 

Stable in one direction (parallel to the selvage), and slight mechanical give in the other. Somewhere between our Sheer Cup Lining and 15 Denier in terms of stability. Available in White, Navy Blue, Platinum, and Black.

The Tulle is 147-150cm wide.

See Erin's video for more information on Tulle and how to use it in your bras.


This fabric is available in 4 colours, White, Navy Blue, Platinum, and Black.


Customers use this strong lining anywhere a non-stretch, sheer reinforcement is needed. This fabric is primarily used as a bra cup lining, to reinforce sheer or lace bra cups. This allows you to use any delicate lace or sheer fabric, but still maintain the necessary support. Although this fabric is very sheer, it is strong, particularly when doubled with opposing directions of give.


Sold by: 25cm increments
Width: 147-150cm
Stretch: little to no stretch in either direction
Finish: matte
Uses: under sheer or lace bra cups, or as main fabric for a sheer bra


**PLEASE NOTE: This product is cut and sold in 25cm increments